Мария [muh-ree-uh] adj: of the bitter sea

i kissed a beluga whale once - it was salty. other than that, i'm not much of a water person. i was born in plovdiv, bulgaria + raised in atlanta, ga. i think i dance really well - so please don't burst my bubble. when i was young, my parents were wonderful enough to send me away often so i could see the world + find my place in it. at the tender age of 15 years old, i wanted to be an artist living in montmartre. my favorite book is tropic of cancer by henry miller. this is a lot of information already...



experience : 

Droga5 | Jr. Art Director

dos equis, pier 1, united rentals, new business

(pitches won: harley-davidson, ocean spray pink, united rentals)

Anomaly | Art Director Intern

Definition 6 | Content + Design Strategist 

nfl international, ashton woods

burton+Burton | Graphic Designer


education : 

VCU Brandcenter - MSB  | Art Direction 

University of Georgia - BA | Advertising + BA | French

study abroad in prague, czech republic

languages : 

bulgarian + french