due to its uncanny ability to mimic the real world, the Barbie universe is a way for parents to teach their kids about the world around them: the (small + large) cruelties they will face in life. 

Life lessons by Barbie

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copy | Life Lessons by Barbie : It's ok to feel sad on your birthday. It's only one day of the year.

copy | Life Lessons by Barbie : Perfection is a myth. 

copy | Life Lessons by Barbie : Real friends don't abandon you in your time of need. 


copy | Life Lessons by Barbie : Some thoughts turn dark in time spent alone. 


Vignette series | Below are two of a series of short video vignettes that live as preroll, social content, and website content for the Life lessons campaign. 


social media campaign | the social media component translates the print campaign into small, digestible pieces. Due to the nature of social, this content can be more pointed to the interests of the user. For example, those following numerous dog lover accounts would be perceptive to the first instagram post. click to enlarge


life lessons coffee table book | we created a coffee table book containing all the life lessons one should teach their child. This book contains advice on how to approach uncomfortable or unpleasant topics with younger children, visual representation of those situations with barbies, and product suggestions on how to mimic the scene.


out of home posters | posters portraying scenarios in the barbie universe, that will be relevant in the locations they are placed, serve as an extension of the print campaign. placing work related scenarios on people's commute from work will strike a chord with most returning home to their children. 


poured my heart out with jenny yoon | cw