to uphold the bipartisan political system in 2020, we repurposed the principles the republican party was founded upon, and created a design / communication system, and voter facing platform meant to be adopted by gop representatives.


state lead

issue based 

bold + concise 


national logo 


national colors 


the incompleteness of the national logo explanation

purposefully left to look incomplete, the national gop logo leaves space for the insertion of the state - alluding that the national gop is only the sum of the states it represents.  



montserrat is bold and authoritative yet approachable, friendly, and open.


state system of the gop branding


state application example | virginia


branded collateral

Building a voice that allows voters to really see and follow our issues driven stance. We want to create collateral/swag that communicates our focus on getting work done that benefits the voter while also allowing our voters to advocate for their reasoning for supporting the republican party.


watched a lot of debates with  mason brown |  xd   james gross + richard whelchel | cw