it's a natural human reaction to try to imagine yourself in a more favorable environment when enduring cold and pain - it's a coping mechanism. 


luckily for us, the warmth from hot hands (air activated coal packets) is strong enough to teleport us (or whatever body part they touch) to somewhere much, much warmer.




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packaging | the new hot hands packaging is straightforward, simple and concise. it emphasizes the transportation aspect of the campaign with comforting imagery and clearly marks which body part it is meant for. 


Website component | The HotHands website will adopt a mock Airline component to further the transportation concept. It serves as a platform for social media which bring warmth to people in not so warm situations.



SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT | By tracking the hashtags #freezing or #coldhands (and others pertaining to people's complaints about the cold weather) on Twitter, HotHands can respond to each user with a customized coupon in the form of a HotHands Air flight ticket. Users can redeem the ticket for a free pack of HotHands. 


teleported to paradise with james gross | cw