a frontier that hardens you | If you're looking for a ~relaxing~ vacation, Pikeville, ky ain't your place. There isn't much to do here, which is precisely the point. it's "therapy" that makes you leave tougher.


Each ad has an artifact specific to an experience in Pikeville. the copy represents testimonials from people who have returned from pikeville tougher. Below is how it'd look in a magazine.

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preroll spots // website content 


highway-side billboards
City life can make us a bit soft. Sometimes we need a little reminder to get up off our ass.


Postcards with Pikevillian proverbs.

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Frontier Guide
Because Pikeville is about an hour and change from a major interstate, we've chosen rest stops to place branded posters to let people know what Pikeville is all about.


Exit Sign
Most places have welcome signs. Well, Pikeville isn't like most places.


braved some kentucky with  james gross | cw + katherine gannon | strat